Welcome to the Kiski Area Nursing Web Site!

The Kiski Area School District Nursing staff is dedicated to the care and well-being of our students.  Our focus is to help our students achieve their optimum health in order for them to perform to their maximum potential in the classroom.

This web site is designed to provide parents and students a resource area to answer questions about common medical questions regarding medical issues and conditions that occur in the school-age child.  It is also a central location to find medical forms that are used frequently within the Kiski Area School District.

The mailing address for all schools in Kiski Area School District is:
Attention: Nurse (if applicable)
200 Poplar Street
Vandergrift, PA 15690

Kiski Area High School
Certified School Nurse: Melissa Ray

Nurse's office direct telephone: 724-842-0427 

Main office telephone: 724-845-8181, then press extension 6

Fax: 724-842-0403 (Attention: Nurse)

Kiski Area Intermediate School
Certified School Nurse: Stacey Tritschler

Telephone: 724-845-2219, extension 4.

Fax: 724-845-3208 (Attention: Nurse)

Kiski Area Upper Elementary School
Certified School Nurse: Bobbi Jo Perroz

Telephone: 724-727-3421, extension 5.

Fax: 724-727-2861 (Attention: Nurse)

Kiski Area East Primary School
Certified School Nurse: Valerie Zanotti

Telephone: 724-567-6706, then ask to speak to the school nurse.

Fax: 724-567-7626 (Attention: Nurse)

Kiski Area North Primary School
Certified School Nurse: Molly Donohue

Telephone: 724-845-2032, then ask to speak to the school nurse.

Fax: 724-845-0984 (Attention: Nurse)

Kiski Area South Primary School
Certified School Nurse: Jamie Skirboll

Telephone: 724-327-4057, then ask to speak to the school nurse.

Fax: 724-733-0689 (Attention: Nurse)